Policies, Terms & Conditions, Payments & More

Please read the following Terms & Conditions Apply to All Reservations and Inquiries:

We have the right to refuse service to anyone


  • Dallas Cadi is not responsible for any service delay due to conditions beyond our control, including (but not limited to) weather, road conditions, vehicular malfunctions, and traffic congestion. In the case of the extreme condition, Dallas Cadi will make every effort to dispatch an appropriate vehicle; however, in the event that no luxury vehicles are available, a non-luxury vehicle will be sent in its place at a lower rate.
  • A $50 hold will be placed on all first-time customer credit cards. Each trip is charged once the drop-off has been made.
  • Any cancellations of the scheduled event will forfeit 50% of the bill unless canceled within the first 24 hours of the reservation. Any cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled event will forfeit 100% of the bill. Please contact us as early as possible if there are any complications with your scheduled reservation. If at any time the chauffeur feels threatened or detects potential danger to himself or other passengers in the vehicle, he or she may cancel the ride without a refund.
  • Dallas Cadi is not responsible for any items of value left in any of our vehicles. All items brought inside the vehicle are done so at the discretion of their rightful owners. Dallas Cadi offers the opportunity for passengers to leave valuable items with the driver at their own risk. If an item is left in one of our vehicles, we will attempt to return it to its owner.
  • Dallas Cadi strictly enforces governmental regulations regarding the consumption of alcohol. We have a zero-tolerance policy involving the consumption or use of alcohol by any individuals under the legal drinking age of 21 years. Violation of this policy will result in termination of services with no possibility of refund. Dallas Cadi will not be responsible for any injuries or losses incurred as a result of horse-play between passengers. Drivers cannot exceed the number of passengers allowed in each vehicle. This violates state law and is against our insurance guidelines.
  • Any payment disputes that are invalid will also be charged a $35 fee per dispute. Please contact us should you have any issues with payments or charges you feel are not correct. The fee will be charged to the credit card you placed on file when making a reservation.

Delayed Pick-Ups Policy:

  • Dallas Cadi strictly enforces overages on pre-arranged pick-ups. We will offer a 10-minute grace period past the scheduled reservation time. A charge of $1.08/minute for the sedan and $1.50/minute for the SUV will be charged after the 11th minute, and the reservation is at risk of cancellation after a 30-minute wait time. Overtime hours are not guaranteed, although efforts will always be made to accommodate a client's request. If cancellation takes place, 100% of the bill will be charged.
  • Clients will be given a grace period of 15 minutes past their scheduled flight time for domestic flights and 45 minutes grace period for international flights. We Keep Track of your flight and plan accordingly. The client will not be penalized for delayed flights. A fee of $1.08/minute for the sedan and $1.50/minute for the SUV will be charged after the grace period is reached. Reservation is at risk of cancellation upon an hour wait. As always, we will make every effort to accommodate a client's request.


  • Please keep Track of the driver via the mobile app
  • A text notification will be sent upon the driver's arrival
  • Please keep in mind that if no contact is made after 30 minutes of waiting, a client will be considered a "no show," and the client will be charged 100% of the bill.


  • All payments are made via mobile app (all major credit cards are accepted)
  • Cash payments are acceptable; however, a credit card must still be placed on file to confirm the reservation.
  • If the credit card charge is declined, we will attempt 2 more times within 3 days. Dallas Cadi will always reach out to the client before charges and attempt to get a new card number. If no contact is made, a $10 fee will be added to the charge.
  • If the charge does not go through and no contact is made with the client within 1 week of service being rendered, legal proceedings will then follow.


  • We respect our driver's right to work in a smoke-free environment, and as regulated by state law, there will be absolutely no smoking or usage of any tobacco products allowed in any of our vehicles.
  • We strive to keep all our vehicles in pristine condition; therefore, we ask that no consumption of food or drinks is done in our vehicles unless provided by your driver. We always provide a complimentary bottle of water that you are more than welcome to enjoy.

Cleaning/Damages Fees:

  • $200.00 per damaged CD/DVD/TV or any other electronic device
  • $20.00 missing AUX/Charger cord
  • $100.00 - $300.00 cleaning due to any sickness
  • $200.00 minimum for rip or tear to upholstery or any damage to the vehicle
  • $100.00 for damage to window tint

Under-age Passengers:

  • An adult must be present at the pick-up of any person under the age of 18.
  • The driver has the right to terminate any ride if an underage person is found
  • concealing illegal drugs or alcohol, and the ride will be charged 100% of the bill.


  • Safety is our top priority, next to customer service. With that being said, we will do all possible to avoid putting you at risk of anything that is unsafe.
  • No luggage or equipment may be placed in the seats of the vehicle. Please keep in mind our sedans fit 2 large suitcases and 1 small carry-on in the truck. If you have more luggage than that, we ask that you upgrade to an SUV.
  • Seat belts are to be worn by all passengers. The state of Texas requires back seat passengers to wear seat belts as well, so this is required by us as well.
  • Speed limits are respected by our drivers.
  • Car seats are required if your child should be in one. We can store it for you if you're leaving town, but please make sure you have one.

Ok, enough with all these crazy, stinky rules. Let's just enjoy the nice ride and have a pleasant experience. Dallas Cadi drivers will always strive to provide excellent customer service! We want to have customers for life!